Weight Loss: A side effect of enjoying life

Weight Loss: A side effect of enjoying life

What if losing weight was a side effect of enjoying life to the fullest and living a healthier lifestyle?

Sound interesting? In a survey* of more than 5,000 US adults enjoying life to the fullest, living a healthier lifestyle, and losing weight were the top 3 2016 desired new year’s resolutions. Actually, losing weight has always topped the charts of resolutions (not to mention personal health goals.) But, are we looking at it all wrong? Most people think of losing weight and dieting as unpleasant. Restricting calories. Avoiding foods they love. Sweating it out at the gym. Eventually losing weight only to gain it back when they “stop dieting.”

What if we threw out the concept of weight loss and diets, and instead shifted our mindset to living a healthy lifestyle. This involves making small changes. Making conscious choices. Finding new foods and activities we love to replace the ones that aren’t serving us.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of “weight loss” stresses me out. Stress increases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) which impedes weight loss. That stresses me out even more creating a vicious cycle. When I think about living a lifestyle I love – ahhhh – serenity.

Transitioning to a lifestyle solution is easy when you have the right tools. Typical diets restrict calories and eliminate foods without replacing them with convenient, healthy and tasty alternatives. RESET is part of my go to healthy lifestyle solution. A tool I love.

RESET is a three-phased program designed to bridge the gap from where you are today to where you want to be. Phase I: Jumpstart, is a nutritionally balanced, low-glycemic system of macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants) to help you kick carbohydrate cravings, support your body to function optimally, begin to lose weight and learn new healthy lifestyle choices. Phase II: Transition, allows you to continue transitioning to a healthy lifestyle you love while continuing to lose weight. Phase III: Maintain, is all about weight maintenance and continuing to live your healthy lifestyle to the fullest.

What exactly is RESET? Click here to watch a short video on the 3 phases of the RESET program and learn more about blood sugar and weight loss. See for yourself how simple it is!

Excited? Skeptical? Asking yourself, how could it be that easy? Or, does it really work? If you want to review the science behind the results email me and I’ll send you actual scientific results on weight loss and metabolic markers.

RESET has changed so many lives. It’s helped people just like you transition to a healthy lifestyle and lose weight (and keep it off) as a result.

Want an incentive and some additional support? Join us in our 12 week RESET challenge starting January 18, 2016. The USANA RESET Nation Challenge is all about making a change to a healthier lifestyle and shedding some pounds along the way. We have over $150,000 in prizes to help give you the extra motivation you need to succeed. Watch this short video for a quick peek at the RESET Challenge.

If you are ready to get started towards a healthier lifestyle you love or want to join the RESET Challenge email me or order online and save.

Phase I: Jumpstart

Phase II: Transform

I look forward to supporting you on this journey.


*Dec 2015 survey by GoBankingRates

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