The 1st Thing You Should Do Every Morning

The 1st Thing You Should Do Every Morning

Stick out your tongue. And, scrape it!

Maybe you’ve been told “Don’t stick out your tongue at me.” Well, I’m telling you – GO AHEAD! Stick it out, way out, first thing in the morning. And, scrape it!

Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic (a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing with origins in the Vedic culture of India) practice. It’s just what it sounds like: the practice of scraping the tongue to remove toxic residue such as bacteria, fungi, dead cells and food debris deposited while you sleep.

Have you ever woken up with really stinky breath (or worse next to someone with really stinky breath)? Or, looked in the mirror 1st thing in the morning and thought you were growing a Chia pet on your tongue? Those are toxins! The good news: your body has deposited them there with the hopes of eliminating them. The bad news: that cup of coffee you grab washes them right back into your system. Even if you’re one of those people who brushes their teeth right away you still aren’t removing many of the toxins but rather brushing them around and yup – you guessed it, swallowing them back into your system. Dental research shows brushing and flossing is much less effective at actually removing the toxins than scraping. So what can you do?

Wake up and scrape! <oh tweet THAT!>

A tongue scraper is a curved, smooth, and preferably stainless steel (easier to clean and sanitize) tool. You stick out your tongue, place the scraper as far back as you can without gagging and gently scrape back to front. Rinse the scraper (get that guck off!) and repeat 7-14 times depending upon how things look (and smell!)

Your mouth is the gateway from the external environment to your internal system. Stuff goes in and you want the toxins back out. Scraping your tongue every morning will clean your taste buds, help prevent bad breath, and improve not only your oral health but your immune, digestive, brain, respiratory and overall health. Really there couldn’t be an easier way to improve your health.

Keep track of how your tongue looks every morning. It should be a soft pink color, odorless, clean, and smooth (not red, stinky, puffy or with any icky color coating). On days where things look good make a note of what your diet and lifestyle was like the previous day or two. On days where things are smelly or looking not so pleasant, make a note differences in your diet and lifestyle. Perhaps you’ll find some clues to improving your overall health.

I would enjoy hearing your experiences with this – please share in the comments.

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