Sleep – A dream come true

Sleep – A dream come true

Are visions of sugar plums dancing in your head or do you only dream of what it would be like to get a full and restful night of sleep? If the latter is true, you’re not alone. More people struggle to catch a good night’s rest during the busy holiday season.

Sleep deprivation can have serious mental and physical consequences, resulting in poor concentration, impaired coordination, blurred vision, compromised immune function, and an increased risk of morbidity and mortality. (Oh yeah and increased crankiness.) All that from a lack of sleep.

There’s more. Did you know that those who sleep, on average, less than six hours per night have been shown to be much more likely to be obese and develop abnormal blood glucose levels (a precursor to type 2 diabetes) than those who average seven to eight hours a night? Women who do not get at least six hours of sleep a night are also more likely to have high blood pressure, which could lead to cardiovascular disease over time.

Proper sleep plays a significant role in keeping the immune system functioning normally while stimulating tissue repair, muscle growth, and protein synthesis. Not to mention feel more energized and productive – and the people around you will likely be happier too!

Would a good night’s rest be a dream come true?

We have a solution. For three great tips to help you sleep – think BED. This short two minute video <click here> will explain it all.

Another effective way to support your body’s natural sleep and wake cycles is melatonin. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone synthesized in the brain that regulates normal sleep and wake cycles. As melatonin levels rise we become less alert, feel drowsy, and eventually fall asleep. USANA’s Pure Rest is a fast-acting melatonin supplement that supports the body’s natural sleep and wake cycles. Pure Rest is a non-habit forming supplement that when taken supports the natural increase of melatonin production. Taken an hour before bedtime it will help promote sleep.

Do your body a favor. If you are struggling to achieve a good night sleep then order a bottle of Pure Rest <<click here for details and to order>>. Help restore your body’s natural circadian rhythms and get some shut eye.

Sweet dreams!

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