The Secret to Successful Self Care

The Secret to Successful Self Care

Life is full of choices. A single daily lifestyle choice will not likely “make or break your health”, however the compound effect of daily choices certainly will. What’s the secret to successful self-care? Self-care isn’t about taking care of ourselves once in a while. Self-care is about taking care of ourselves every day through daily lifestyle choices.

Rather than make a big aggressive New Year’s Resolution, take a look at what small sustainable lifestyle choices you can make. Maybe you decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Perhaps you commit to drinking a glass of water before your morning coffee. Even better, decide to replace your coffee with a low-glycemic smoothie. Or, maybe you’ll give up that late night TV show and gift yourself with an extra hour of sleep. (Did you see last week’s article on the health benefits of sleep?) A great lifestyle choice would be to supplement daily with a high-quality nutritional product. Choose something that you’ll enjoy, will make an impact and is sustainable. When that new choice becomes a habit add another conscious lifestyle choice.

Self care isn’t an event it’s a habit <<click to tweet>>

What’s right for you? Need some ideas? You are unique and you need an optimal health regimen that works best for you. Take the guesswork out of designing a personalized program for optimal health. An easy way to determine a personalized program is to take the True Health Assessment, an online, confidential and HIIPA compliant health evaluation. The THA will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current state of health and lifestyle. After completing the THA you’ll receive a through lifestyle analysis, a risk report, as well as a product recommendation list tailored to your individual profile.

Remember, self-care is about what you do every day. I imagine after a busy December you could use some self-care right now. Take action. Take the THA <click here> and decide, what conscious lifestyle choice will you begin to implement now.

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