The big reason it’s time to move to a new state

The big reason it’s time to move to a new state

I live in a new state. I’m a Florida snowbird! After the record breaking snowfall of the 2014-2015 Boston winter I stopped talking the talk and walked the walk. Actually I didn’t walk, I drove from Massachusetts and gratefully replanted myself into sunshine and warmth simply because I could and because I desired to live a lifestyle I love.

So I now find myself in Florida. I’m living in a completely new state. And, boy am I.

The greater symbolism of “living in a new state” has not escaped me. Well, it did until now. Living in a new state encompasses more than just a physical (geographical) move. It also encompasses a big move (or shift) in mental and emotional states, of which I’m now humbly aware.

I had the physical part nailed (after lots of help, a few breakdowns and some Divine intervention.) As far as the mental part I was in denial-land. I thought – no sweat. Pack. Move. (You’re Superwoman.) Land. Live. How could this be anything but good? Integration? Who needs integration? BIG mistake. I needed integration. Everything was new. I needed to acclimate, integrate and seriously just find my way around.

So I cut myself some integration slack. That’s when the emotional stealth bomber flew in. I didn’t realize it was approaching until WHAM, hellooooo meltdown. All the emotional pings I had been ignoring (pretty much DO more) rallied together and stopped me in my tracks. I was doing more than I was being. I was feeling off. Frustrated. Pressured. I was ‘shoulding’ all over myself. It was messy. The good news, after break-downs come break-throughs. I had a moment of clarity in that mess and realized “if it doesn’t feel good – don’t do it.” I redirected my path and felt SO much better.

My transition to a new physical state required a transition in my mental and emotional states as well.

You don’t have to move to live in a new state. <<tweet it out>>

You don’t have to physically move to live in a new state. You can make a conscious lifestyle choice at any time to shift your mental and emotional states of being. If it doesn’t feel good – don’t do it. Find what does feel good and do that. Or just be. Reframe your thinking about how you approach what currently doesn’t feel good. For example, paying bills can feel good if you are giving gratitude for the things you’ve received and the abundance you have enabling you to pay those bills.

It’s time. Simple shifts to a new state of mind will bring big shifts in your lifestyle.

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“What one state will you begin to shift today?”

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