Letting the Divine Take the Lead

Letting the Divine Take the Lead

Last Sunday I was enjoying some time at a dear friend’s home. She’s quite a talented tango dancer. I was captivated watching her and her partner float across the floor in an intimate embrace. After finishing they asked me if I wanted to try. Feelings of doubt and insecurity wafted over me and I declined admitting I was no match for such talent. Again they danced and I was once again mesmerized. And, again they turned to me and asked if I wanted to try. They reassured me that my partner wouldn’t try anything fancy. I had a moment of faith (or weakness lol) and agreed.

My very talented tango partner told me not to worry – he would keep it very simple. We connected in embrace and took a few awkward first steps. Then something shifted. It’s as if I was transported to another dimension. I had the knowing I was following – encapsulated in the dance and at the same time the steps were not coming from thought. We danced a beautiful dance and when we finished I was beaming. “That was amazing” I stated.

My dear friend smiled and said “I wanted you to know what it feels like to completely surrender to the Divine.” I was speechless. She was absolutely right. For a short moment I had completely surrendered and was not trying to ‘take the lead’. Never before in dance, or in my life for that matter have I ever completely surrendered to the Divine. There is no greater feeling than that feeling of true surrender.

My lovely friend did this very intentionally. She knew if I surrendered that I would be captivated by more than just a dance. If I was able to completely let go and let the Divine take the lead I would know that true feeling of peace and serenity.

I’ve had some challenging things happen since that tango dance and what I tell myself is “Go back to the tango.” I bring myself back to that complete feeling of surrender. Tosha Silver wrote a wonderful book called “Outrageous Openness; Letting the Divine Take the Lead” (highly recommend) which pretty much summarizes what I am now striving for – and the wonderful thing is I don’t have to do anything other than surrender!

Maybe you’re saying, great story but what does this have to do with health or wealth? EVERYTHING! Where in your life are you trying to take the lead? Where do you need to surrender? When we truly surrender what needs to come will always come and what needs to go will always go. Try it. For just a minute (time yourself) be in a place of complete surrender. If you can find it like I did you may never want to come back.


  1. Very nice article, Pam. I have read Outrageous Openess as well.

    • I LOVE that you have read OO! Fantastic way to live.

  2. Pam

    As always, very insightful. I’m embracing stepping back where I usually lead and seeing where that takes me.

    It takes all the faith I can muster sometimes.

    • Johanna – Yes, faith. Much faith. Where there is faith there is no fear. Thank for sharing. xo

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