Health Accolades

” I attended my NSCA conference a few weeks ago, it was good.  A lot of research on low carb diets using the glycemic index for athletes.  It shows better results with weight loss and maintaining lean muscle mass.  Also vitamin D and fish oil, all what USANA has been saying for years. I am glad I found USANA!”
  – Sue Cullen, NSCA-CPT

“My son Shaelin is 11 years old and has Cystic Fibrosis. He’s been taking USANA supplements since he was 5 and I firmly believe they’ve helped him be successful at physical activities despite having a chronic illness. This spring he ran a mile in 6 minutes, 9  seconds setting a new record for his elementary school!! And, he plays numerous sports including soccer, lacrosse, flag football, basketball and skiing.”

                    - Jeanne B. Earle, NP