Your Best 1st Step for a Healthy Year

Your Best 1st Step for a Healthy Year

Happy New Year! Whether you spent a cozy night in or a formal night out, I hope you had an enjoyable one. If you’re like me you may have indulged just a wee bit this season. Or, maybe you indulged a lot. Parties, goodies, sweets, dinners, cocktails and coffee are commonplace. Increased stress levels often mean increased smoking, sleep aids or other over-the-counter medications. Or, you might have been around sick people – or even been sick yourself. Whatever your experience, everything you took in – your liver was responsible for flushing out.

An essential organ in detoxifying your body from harmful contaminants the liver is appropriately named because we couldn’t survive without it (LIVEr). Ensuring that toxins are safely and completely eliminated from your body is its primary job. However, with the seasonal overload your liver faces a daunting challenge. The liver’s capacity to eliminate toxins can be overloaded and the toxins end up stored in your system. Not a good situation.

Your liver also breaks down hormones, like cortisol – the stress hormone (remember the stress blog.) So, increased stress can tax your liver (not just that fancy cocktail.) Your liver also helps to regulate blood sugar, so those extra sweets, treats and carbs all tax the liver. It can’t eliminate all the excess “sugar” so it stores it in our fat cells and our waists increase from increased waste.

And, looking to lose a few pounds? An optimally functioning liver is key to weight loss or your body won’t release fat because it means releasing toxins into an already overburdened liver. Make sense?

There is hope! You can support your liver. Give it a nice gift and thank it for being there for you. A healthy lifestyle coupled with a liver support supplement such as Hepasil DTX is a great way to support liver function. Hepasil supports healthy liver function by supplying the body with nutrients that promote the natural detoxification process as well as endogenous antioxidant activity. Taking three tablets of Hepasil DTX a day for 28 days can help significantly increase natural glutathione production and overall antioxidant capacity and hence liver function. BTW – Hepasil was featured on the Dr. Oz show as an effective liver support supplement. Click to watch.

Read more about Hepasil and how it works to support liver function and support your overall health.

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