About Wealthy Healthy Women

About Wealthy Healthy Women

We are a community of like-minded women who are committed to creating both true wealth and true health in our lives. This strong community provides support from fun, passionate and entrepreneurial women.

Our members have diverse backgrounds and each bring unique insights and experiences. Many are already involved in health and wellness careers such as nutritionists, personal trainers, nurses, estheticians, chiropractors, wellness coaches…the list goes on. Many like myself, came from more traditional backgrounds like marketing, finance, and law but have a passion for sharing the vision of true health.

We value free time – the kind that can only be created by being financially free. We are on a constant journey of personal growth and development. We are teachable and learn from each other. We just really rock!

Come and see what we are all about. Read more about Creating True Wealth and Creating True Health in your own life.

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